During a rainy day, an elderly Japanese man boards 

a ferry heading towards an unknown island. 

As he looks out over the water, the falling rain triggers 

memories of a childhood moment inFukuoka and a brief 

encounter as an adult aboard a smoke filled seaside train.

Rainy Days | Lietus dienas | Jours de pluie

Written, directed and painted by Vladimir Leschiov

Music and sound design: Oskar Strok, Pierre Yves Drapeau

Producers: Vladimir Leschiov, Marc Bertrand

Production: Lunohod, National Film Board of Canada

Financial support: National film Centre of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, National Film Board of Canada

Length: 8 min 12 sec

Format: DCP

Production year: 2014


Awards, mentions and nominations:

ANIMASIAN Award at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Canada, 2014

Jury Selection at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo. Japan, 2014