In 1970 Soviet space robot-moonwalker "Lunokhod-1" accomplished his amazing journey 

on the surface of the Moon.

In the same year I was making my first steps discovering the planet Earth.

Since this time I have been sharing my impressions about this experience, creating animated films, 

paintings and illustrations.

After several years working in different studios I made the decision to find my own working space.

At the beginning of 2007 Lunohod studio appeared in Riga.


Films directed by Vladimir Leschiov


Comeback, 8 min, DCP, 2021, Latvia, Lithuania

Electrician's Day, 8 min, DCP, 2018, Latvia

The Letter From Hibakusha, 4 min, H264, 2017, Japan

Waiting For the New Year, 8 min, DCP, 2016, Latvia

Rainy Days, 8 min, DCP, 2014, Latvia, Canada

Villa Antropoff, 13 min, 35mm, 2012, Estonia, Latvia

96, 2 min, Digital Betacam, 2010, Latvia

Wings and Oars, 6 min, 35mm, 2009, Latvia

Lost in Snow, 8 min, 35mm, 2007, Latvia, Sweden

Insomnia, 7 min, 35mm, 2004, Latvia

Grandad’s Honey, 5 min, 35mm, 2002, Sweden

The Letter, 4 min, 35mm, 2002, Sweden


Vladimir Leschiov